Christs  mission on earth was to do the will of His father. Through His life, He continually surrendered Himself to God.  To accomplish His mission, Jesus suffered greatly. But even in His darkest hour He did not turn from His calling. So this fact is very helpful for each and every missionary. The great inspiration from God, we moved to various places of India and other countries.  


In1991,  we started a convent ( Jyothir Bhavan) in Delhi for the spiritual development of the Syro Malabar Christian believers who are working and studying in Delhi. Sisters are actively participated in faith formation, youth ministry and family unit  meeting  etc. We are giving services to needy and poor in Fareedabadh under the leadership of St. Joseph Society. We are conducting Village Development Programme, Community Based Rehabilitation programme   and self help groups for the wellbeing of the village people.  Also we are giving moral and value education to the children for their better and faithful future.


In 2011, we started our  mission  in Tripura in the Diocese of  Agarthala. Our aim is  that to give moral and value education along with proper faith to the young generation for the their better and fruitful future. Sisters are very actively participated in teaching, house visiting and Sunday mass in the villages.   


In 1976 We started our services in Germany. Mainly we are giving services to the old age people in the care home. We are dealing them with proper care and concern.  Our aim of the service in the old age home is that to  prepare them for happy and peaceful death inspite of having defeated faith.  So through prayer, counseling and sacraments sisters are trying to improve their faith and spiritual life.

Italy- Padova.

In 2005 we started our mission in Italy- Padova. Sisters are in an old age home for the people with Physically disabled, Mentally challenged and Alzheimers. We are giving proper care and concern for them in each and every  moment.  Mainly our aim is that  to help and prepare the old aged people  and also who are separated from their home for the happy and peaceful death.


In 1995 we started our mission in Kenya and now we have seven communities there.  Sisters areKenya working in schools  and  Hospitals , also they are engaged many other programmes. Aim of our service in Kenya is that, to help the people to lead the moral and faithful life in family and in the society. They are getting better life by the activities of our sisters in Kenya.  Sisters are giving faith formation and  value education to the young generation for their future wellbeing. We are helping the people through house visiting, prayer and proper guidance. Sisters are handling  the street boys, helping the prisoners and guiding the villagers, Preparing the people for the Holy Mass etc. everything only for the better future of Kenya. Mainly  we are witnessing the word of God as an instrument of peace.

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